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AKC/ARC  #1 Breed 2002, CKC #1 2004 ARC Select 1 '02, ARC Select'07
Multi BIS/BISS/AOM/Group Winning USRC NatSel'05,Multi USRC Select./Seiger/Most Beautful, 12 x V1
Am Can Ch  Wyndhurst Qualicum SchH 1, BST, BH,AD TR2,CDX,Am.Can HIC CD, RA CGC TT HIC,TD Inc
USRC Silver Merit, ARC Versatility, Bronze Sire


  Alex, one of the most successful #1 show and working Rottweilers in North American history.

The first dog ever to be WINNERS DOG at  ARC Nationals  at age 19 months, returning the following year winning SELECT 1, BISS ARC Nationals and then return as a VETERAN in 2007 and earn  SELECT /BEST IN SWEEPS 
Alex  placed top ten Novice A in 2005 earning his advanced working degrees in Schutzund and AKC venues.
Alex will rank in USRC TRACKING in 2007, owner handled with a TR2 96,
High Tracking USRC Regional 2007
Alex is from the most successful highly titled working show litter 
An outstanding pedigree  in show and work. 
Alex's littermates have attained Mutiple Best in Show/Speciality Show/Award of Merits
Sieger/Siegerin Titles in conjunction with becoming Gold Producers and Multi High in Trial in Winners

May 2008-Alex new CDX with his Grandma Ann Callahan at age 8.5 years old 

Some of the Wins of Alex's Career

American Rottweiler Club Nationals2002-Best in Speciality Show 2002
United States Rottweiler Club 2005 National Adult Select
American Rottweiler Nationals 2007 Select /Best Veteran Sweeps & Regular Classes
American Rottweiler Club Nationals 2001 - Winners Dog
Two Time BISS-Mile High Rottweiler Club
BISS Cincinatti Combined Speciaity
BISS RCC Regional Specialtiy
AOM, Golden State, Medallion Rottweiler Clubs
Multiple Group Wins
4 Time Invitee to Eukanuba, 3 Time Invitee Crufts
Best Veteran in Sweeps- San Diego, ARF,Washington Specialites

                           Alex show career began at 8 months old with a Best of Breed at his first show in Canada at a supported entry  show. It was a signal of things to come as  Alex  went on to win many of the largest shows in the United States and Canada, during his year as a very young 2 Year old Special  and as a class dog. Reconized for his great powerfull movement, excellent structure and type he was chosen for the top awards  by many breeder judges, European judges and All Breed Judges.

                Alex won 4 National Events in addition to  a number of the largest All Breed Shows in the United States with his handler Perry Payson... it was great fun to particpate in the excitement of having a #1 Dog in 2002....Alex was a happy enthusiastic participent in all parts of  being a Show Dog.


      I believe a Rottweiler is a working dog and  needs titles before and after their name. When the  the shows were over we came home and completed  multiple working titles.

     I trained and trialed Alex to his BH,AD, BST , Multiple High in Class Am /Can CD, HIC, RA, TR2 96, 

     In 2006  thanks to Andreas Mueller of Zauberberg Kennels  Alex  age 61/2  earned his SchH1 in 10 weeks 96v,80,94a. 

    Alex still has his commmanding presence and style at age 8 1/2 still winning shows and competing in obedienece always ready for ball and fun.,

    Alex just completed his Therapy Dog International Certification
and will enjoy his new role of Therapy Dog..

    Alex just earned his final legs for his CDX with Grandma Ann Callahan in May 2008,
and went MOST BEAUTIFUL  out of the Veterans Class at the Mile High Rottweiler Club Show in May 2008
    None of this would have been possible without  Alex's breeders,and I would like to thank Ann Callahan and Dede Brownstein
for all the support and encouragement and with letting Alex  become " my Big Doll"
A dog that has done it all in show, work and is a most wonderful companion  
The Rottweiler breed standard states that a Rottweiler is Courageous, smart, stable and powerful..

This is Alex , a fine example of a beautiful stable and excellent working dog.


Some wins as a Youngster 
Finishing  in 14 shows at 19 months old
with 4 majors with 3 majors at a Speciality or a Specialty Weekend at the largest shows in the US

Best of Winners ARC Region 1 Specialtiy-16 months
Grandsweepstake Winner& Reserve Winner
Golden State Rottweiler Club  2001
BEST OF BREED & GROUP 4 out of the classes  2001
GSRC Speciality weekend- 19 months old 
America Rottweiler Club Nationals 2001
Winners Dogs -19  months old
5 Times RWD
2nd place 6-9 Puppy ARC Nationals 2000





German Style Shows

Most Beautiful West Coast Landesgruppe 2001- Joe Hedl
Sieger Mile High Rottweiler Club 2003-
United States Rottweiler Club Nationals Adult Male Select 2005
BST- Eric Konisberger 2005
Most Beautiful WCLG 2006- Bill Alexander
Bark Adult Select 2006- Andreas Muellar
V1 Working Class 2007-Inland Empire Rottweiler Club
USRC Select FWRC- Andreas Muellar
Most Beautiful out of Veterans- Mile High Rottweiler Club 2008

Alex's "BIG WIN "Photo Collection

American Rottweiler Nationals Best in Speciality 2002

American Rottweiler Nationals Winners Dog 2001

United States Rottweiler Club Nationals Male Select 2005

 Golden State Rottweieler Club Grandsweeps/RWD 19 months

 ARC Region 1- Best of Winners 16 months old

 GSRC Speciality weekend BOB/G4th out of the classes- 19 months old

 Most Beautiful West Coast Landesgruppe  2002

 Cincinatti Combined Speciaities BISS 2002

 BOB New Mexico 2002

 Group 4th owner handled 20 months

 Getting ready to go!

 Herding Instinct Test ARC Nationals 2001

Alex's First Time on Sheep

 Alex loves to work

Moving out




Multi V-1, Multi BISS, A/C CH Von Boylan Antonio Banderas SchHIII, BST, AD, BH, TT, CGC, RO-55812G
USRC/ARC Gold Sire

V Rated, U-CDX A/C Ch Evrmor's Blackgammon V Baar CDX HT BH TT HCT RTD Asca CDX
Anka Award Producer of the Year 2002
ARC Gold Dam




Pedigree for Alex 



Multi V-1, Multi BISS, A/C CH Von Boylan Antonio Banderas SchHIII, BST, AD, BH, TT, CGC, RO-55812G
USRC/ARC Gold Sire

V-1, ARV Sieger, CH Cassius Lad B, SchH3, AD, BST, CGC, ZTP, RO-41685G
Panevor's Proud Undaunted (EKC)
Eng CH Upend Gallant YnYs of Amatol
Panevors Proud Future TT (EKC)
Panevor Proud Inspiration (EKC)
Jarot the Hooligan (EKC)
Breesgata's Ivy from Panevor (EKC)
Select CH Fine's Ciara von Covenant CD, RTD, RO-405926 RO-EL1350
Producer of the Year 1998 ARC Gold Dam
V-1, BIS, BISS, Sel CH Tobant's Grant RO-26385G24M-T, RO-EL406M45-T
Am/BIS/BISS CH (Ned.import) Nelson van het Brabantpark RO-15579E33M
Tobant's Texas Tootsie
CH Fine's Sooner Magic v Forstwald CD, RO-22241F25F
Brando vom Dattelner Hof Sch II, IPO lll, FH
Fine's Lexa vom Forstwald RO-8710 good
V Rated, U-CDX A/C Ch Evrmor's Blackgammon V Baar CDX HT BH TT HCT RTD Asca CDX
Anka Award
Producer of the Year 2002
ARC Gold Dam
Am & Can CH, Multi V-rated Pico Vom Hegestrauch BH, SchH I, BST
Arri vom Hertener Wappen SchHIII, FH, AD, IPOIII, Gek. b. EzA HD-
Dack vom Sorgenloch SchHIII FH
Lolo (Danish) SchHI HD-

Gamba vom Giesenend SchH I, ZtP (5/87)

BS'85 Morris Vom Rauchfang SchH III, FH, AD, IPO III, Gek b. EzA,
Meike Von Der Lowenau SchH I
Am/Can CH Evrmor's Que Osa Dulce CDX , HT , TT , CGC , RTD
Top Producer 1999
ARC Gold Dam
CH Banta's Rowden Vom Danzig CD
BIS BISS Am CH Rodsden's Danzig v Gasto CD, TD,RO-8206, #1 Rott '86
Triple Oak Woodlands Calypso
Drake's Dark Star
AKC CKC Ch Birch Hill's Ringmaster UDX TDI,RO-6593N
Gatstuberget's Oona of Evrmor TT





































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